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The Surefire Group LLC

We offer a high standard suite of services in a growing range of industries to include real estate, mortgage, and title services as well as home healthcare


What We Do

The Surefire Group seeks to build a national organization focused on being a part of lifechanging events with our clients. We reach our goals by providing support to others so that they can reach their potential. Our vision is to bring the customer centric and forward facing mindset of our suite of businesses to a national audience. We always have an eye to the possibility for expansion in new and exciting markets.

The mission of the Surefire Group is to deliver security, safety and opportunity to our clients and their families. We do this in two ways. First, we deliver high standard services at every point of the real estate purchase experience including brokerage services, mortgage and lending services and title settlement services. Second, we provide crucial support and advice while caring for a loved one or making the transition to home healthcare. Our clients have the peace of mind that they are backed by a trusted and credible team of professionals which can add value at every step of the way.


The Surefire Group Honors


Inc 500 Honoree

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VET 100 Honoree


Our Subsidiary Businesses

RE/MAX Affiliates
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