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The Surefire Group LLC

We offer a high standard suite of services in a growing range of industries to include real estate, mortgage, and title services as well as home healthcare.

What We Do

The Surefire Group's real estate-focused business is designed to deliver a high-quality business-to-business experience at every level of the settlement services process while providing the tools to improve the consumer's access and experience. We do this by delivering profitable, high-growth business solutions to owners of real estate-focused firms nationwide. Our lending and title services solutions offer scalable and efficient options for our partners to improve the reach and ability of their firms to meet their customers' needs. Our partners have the peace of mind that they are backed by a trusted and credible team of professionals who can add value at every step of the process.

The Surefire Group seeks to become a national leader in the real estate and settlement services industries. We want to win at what we do but more importantly, we want to grow in our ability to support our partners' wealth-building opportunities. Our partnership model, alongside our lean and accountable organizational philosophy, allows us to scale quickly and achieve results. Our vision is to bring the customer-centric and forward-facing mindset of our suite of businesses to a national audience. We always have an eye to the possibility for expansion in new and exciting markets.

The Surefire Group Honors

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Business and Services Portfolio

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Real Estate and Real Assets

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Professional Mortgage Services

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Title Settlement Services

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Home Healthcare

Proud Supporter

Aerial Recovery

Aerial Recovery, trains and deploys Humanitarian Special Operators, to effectively respond to natural disasters, man-made disasters, and combat sex trafficking. Made up of Veterans and First Responders, Aerial tackles some of the most difficult rescue and response missions across the globe.

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